Berlin, Germany.
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I specialise in Psychological Domination, where I deconstruct your psyche and work on you until you are free from all the limitations placed upon you. I generate and maintain an energy that allows you to connect with your most vulnerable self. It is only when you are in touch with that vulnerability that you can truly find freedom.

The dynamic I create for you will be unique for us, always done with mindful details. Something that makes us both tick. I see your skin crumble and how you long for making me take you deeper into the rabbit hole. I am here to make your mind beg for more after each session.

Sharing this space with you is always very special to me and I honour our time together. Your screams amuse me, and those tears bring me joy, not to mention the feeling I get from how warm your skin gets under my whip...

Tell me about your past experiences, limits, and visions, and I will build an energy that will take you to a place far away from your every day life. 

I carefully select my clients, so making a positive impression on me is a good way to get noticed by me. Accessing the energy I create means experiencing something liberating and unique. It's not just a session; it's a complete transformative experience.

I do a screening process for my own safety.
I am not an escort. There will be no sex. This is domination.

I offer:
Mind Control


Humiliation/ Degradation/ Objectification

Pet Play
Foot, Boot, Heel worship




Age Play/ ABDL

Submissiontraining/ Behavior modification

Ethical financial domination

Sensory Deprivation
Impact Play

Nipple Torture

Human Furniture


Wax Play

Sensation Play

Tickle Torture 



Corporal punishment


Pro-Dom/me Session18 bis 99 Jahre Berlin vor 2 Wochen
BDSM/Fetisch Familie18 bis 55 Jahre ● 550km um Koblenz vor 3 Wochen